Monday, November 22, 2010

Check Up

We are just home from Gabe's 2 month check up with our pediatrician.  Apparently, when we put our little guy on the growth charts it just so happens that he isn't so little after all.  Way to go there in the high 90th percentile for weight Mr. Cheeks!  Gabe's head measurements continue to climb, which is a concern.  He will see his neurosurgeon again tomorrow for a head ultrasound and follow up.  Until we have pictures to compare his growth to, and a consult with the expert, we will sit tight.

This appointment also brought Gabe's first immunizations.  If you're a mom, you know the drill.  Hold down their arms, look in their eyes, and hold your breath while the sympathy tears flow. Except this time was different.  Held my breath, waited for the first pokes, then a big smile.  He felt them.  He knew they poked him and he didn't like it.  And that's a good thing. Now we are cozy together on the couch recovering while the other babes rest and a storm rolls in.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Guy

We watch his reactions, 
 study his quirks,
ask questions we never knew we would have,
keep a close eye on the growth charts,
appreciate each movement,
 & celebrate each milestone.
{Gabe Evan 8 Weeks}

We would say we are lucky, but luck has nothing to do with anything.
We are blessed.
We are thankful.