Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Gabe has been home for a week now.  We are getting into routine with nurse visits, IV meds, bandage changes, and follow up appointments with the specialists. We are also enjoying the return to some "normal" routines with work, car pool, play dates, piano lessons, and track practice. 

Tomorrow we are hopeful the neurosurgeons will agree it is time to take out the stitches in the incision on Gabe's back.  It will certainly make for much quicker diaper changes.  We will also visit urology tomorrow.  I am praying for a sliver of hope suggesting the original surgery was worth something as we strive for future bladder and kidney health.  It is encouraging to see Gabe begin to shuffle along on his feet a bit.  He has figured out how to get where he wants to go with a combination of crawling, cruising, and shuffling.  His determination to teach himself to walk again is obvious and with each small success we see a little more sparkle return behind those big baby browns. 

Our family has been ridiculously blessed by our village with many delicious meals, surprise deliveries, encouraging phone calls, extra grace, and endless prayers.