Tuesday, November 29, 2011


{away in the manger}

Gabe took over the responsibility of setting up the nativity this year.  Gavin is usually the one to spend his time carefully assigning each creature a spot in the scene.  This year he moved up to helping with the Willow Tree nativity set up, leaving Gabe to cheerfully take on the Little People.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


{don't even think about it mister}

I'm pretty sure Kevin and I both teared up just thinking about our baby being old enough to head off with a backpack on.  

Saturday, November 26, 2011


{thankful for each other}

These two spent Thanksgiving snuggling at home, too sick for the holiday get together.  When Gavin would leave his spot on the couch Gabe would crawl along after him and climb up for a hug. Melt. Melt.  Gavin recognized it was pretty special that Gabe wanted to be with him, so he made sure I took a picture.


{laundry time}

Look who climbed into my basket.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



It's official, everyone of our children have weaselled their way in to this trap and pitifully whimpered until we rescued them.  Of course, not before we took the picture!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Everyday Victories

Two weeks ago Gabe had his long anticipated MRI.  It was a lengthy study of his head and spine.  I thought the wait for scheduling was ridiculous? We are still waiting for results.  Trying not to be antsy, but I will admit to leaving another message with each neurosurgeon in hopes that someone will fill us in.  At the same time I like to believe that no news is good news, right? 
He's obviously not worried about it!  He has a contagious smile that he flashes often.  He also has a cheesy, teethy smile that he knows will always get a good laugh.  When he wakes up happy none of us can resist being the first to greet him.  Most often Gibson beats us to it and happily hops in the crib for some brotherly bouncing.
We are still amazed, and so thankful, for the way Gabe is getting up to standing.  We pull out the camera at least once a day to capture it on film, half wondering if this might be the last time we see it. Anytime someone else sees his trick for the first time they eye us suspiciously, "Are you sure he has SB?” My response "Pretty sure no one has told him yet!" 
One of his therapists believes it is time for Gabe to start wearing AFOs to help him strengthen his stance for side stepping and longer periods of standing.  His other therapist does not agree.  To some of his doctors surprise we refused the recommendation for wear when they were made at four months.  Also to their surprise, he has full range of motion in his ankles even without using the AFOs.  To their chagrin this momma is putting up a bit of a stink again. I understand that they might be necessary in time, but we don't think it's time quite yet.

One day, one smile, one miracle at a time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


{our pride's brave heart}

Despite the spooky looking skies last night, it was a beautiful night for parading our costumed kiddos door to door.  Gabe really enjoyed the excitement and commotion around him. He was a people watching, sucker hoarding, daddy snuggling, trick or treater.