Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Steps

Gabe has had his AFOs (ankle-foot orthoses) for about a month, however he wore them for the first time last night (hangs head sheepishly...).  Having these made is a bit like watching an artist work on a masterpiece.  The mess of the plaster, the cutting, the molding, the pushing, the cutting.  Then trying them on, adding more, cutting more, trying them on again.  It is quite an involved process, but we have complete confidence in the able hands who created these. I am certain they are the perfect fit for Gabe's chubby little legs. 
The purpose of this pair is to hold his ankle in a 20 degree flex in an attempt to keep the motion he currently has for pointing and flexing his toes.  I wasn't sure that I agreed completely with this prescription, nor was I overly excited to brace Gabe's feet which have good active motion.  However, we've agreed to try them for 6-8 hours each day while he is sleeping.   
Well, so far we've tried them for 30 mintues.  It's a start...right?!


  1. Hang in there! 30 minutes is a good start. : )

  2. Those are a lot like my nephews braces for his club feet except his has the bar between the feet. He only has to wear them 12- 14 hours a day now instead of 23 though so he is on the upswing. Of course this will be till he is at least 4 years. I think Gabe's look awesome though and maybe it will be a great thing for his little feet.

  3. Baby steps! It's all any of us can do: )

  4. It looks like he handled it well. I'm sure it was hard for you to put them on him.


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