Thursday, February 24, 2011

National Conductive Education Awareness Day

One piece of the therapy plan that Kevin and I have pursued for Gabe's early months is conductive learning. He attends the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids, MI for one on one therapy appointments. The conductor, Andrea, works with us to teach developmentally appropriate activities for working the muscle groups that are not functioning "normally" for Gabe. Between appointments it is our responsibility to be sure he gets many opportunities to practice these movements, ideally in 20 minute increments 3-4x a day. Note: ideally. It has been difficult for me to get over the guilt of it, but with three other small kiddos it is not always realistic to devote this consistent time. I am committed to at least twice a day though.

Today (in addition to being Gabe's sweet aunt Amy's birthday!) is National Conductive Education Awareness Day.  The CLC celebrated with an open house.  Although we were not able to attend, I enjoyed reading the news article reporting the success of the event and the encouraging stories of students who benefit from the program.  Check it out if you are interested in learning more!

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