Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

{my little pumpkins with a giant pumpkin}

Sunday, October 7, 2012

___{fill in the blank}____ Awareness Month

You need not look too far to notice troubling situations and physical suffering.  


I always thought I was aware,


one January when I became aware…
…Kevin and I would welcome our 4th little love in October.  

one May when I became aware…
…an ultrasound is about far more than finding out the baby’s gender.

…how ridiculous it sounds to say, "I just want a healthy baby" (so, what will you think if you don't have a healthy baby?).

…every one of us is fearfully. exquisitely. wonderfully. Made.

…in our personal heart break it may take some time before we are willing to let others in to help hold the pieces.

one September when I became aware…
… behind every diagnosis is a face, a name, and a beautiful soul.

… the NICU is full of families who are hurting - families whose pregnancies didn’t end the way they played out in their ideal plans and human dreams.

…it’s not just the NICU, there are floors and floors of full rooms in the same hospital.

…of patience necessary in affliction, joy in trial, and hope.

one October when I became aware…
…even after our lives returned home, together, a piece of our hearts would remain with all of the babies, and their families, who still long for healing.

the 2 years since then, when I continue to be aware…
…every person carries their own unique needs both physical and emotional.

… turning the calendar will always remind me of the experiences that sparked my fire.  This month - devoted to awareness of bullying, breast cancer, domestic violence, earthquake victims, down syndrome, __{fill in your blank}__, and Spina Bifida - will always fuel my desire to do something; to encourage other families who may just be starting out on a journey similar to our own.

It is now I feel as if I understand what it means to be aware and why it is so critical.

Awareness motivates us to help others, 
starts a conversation,
encourages community,
breaks down boundaries,
builds determination,
changes attitudes and misconceptions,
teaches us to look into the eyes of all the broken hearted, 
calls us to do more than recognize and sympathize.

Awareness inspires empathy and action.