Friday, January 21, 2011

Not-So-Wee G

Gavin has affectionately named the brothers: Big G, Little G, and Wee G.  However, there isn't much about the Wee G that is all so wee.  Our mighty fighter weighed in last week at 18.3 lbs. and today, exactly 7 days later, the Dr. weighed him again at 19.3 lbs.    At this rate, he is going to catch up to Gibson before his 5 month birthday!

Other Gabe Updates:
~He is measuring 24.5 inches long.
~He's been rolling over for about 2 weeks.
~Last week he had a Frenectomy (do you know what that is?).  It may not have been such a big deal to him, but his momma is relieved.

~He is working hard on his physical therapy with bi-weekly in home visits and bi-weekly center visits.
~Gabe is still shunt free.  His next visit with the neuro surgeon is scheduled for the second week of February.
~He is scheduled to be fitted for his first orthodics early next week.
~He has an amazing smile that he still shares willingly despite his current double ear infection.
{Gabe Evan: 4 months old}
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Side Note: I'm still waiting for the comments on my giveaway post to reach the magic number.  It is getting close.  Feel free to add your repeat entries!

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