Monday, December 19, 2011

What's New?


Last night three of our four little loves spent the night at Gram's house while we enjoyed a mostly adults' night with friends. Gabe hung out with us.  Delightfully cooperative - eating, entertaining, and then quietly crashing in his crib.  

This morning I was able to give him some extra one on one attention.  We had out blocks, balls, trucks, and DOGS.  All faves. As we played, Gabe amazed me with the many words he is working in to his growing vocabulary.  I giggle every time he tells me to "go git it."  Anything new is greeted with "lookit dis."  I have no idea why he knows the word "pop" {accompanied by the frantic signing of PLEASE}?!?! He points to the tree and shouts "Christmas."  He reaches for our somewhat creepy Elf on the Shelf  "Santa." As he says "No" he Os his lips and blows out like he is ready to blow a giant bubble. And then again his stand by filler word "DOG!"  

Recently I have had a couple questions about Gabe's MRI {2 months ago already}!  The truth is we really haven't gotten results yet, but peace of mind we have.  The short story, our local neurosurgeon finally responded with "It's fine."  The long story is that we are still waiting for the films to be read in  Boston, we have many questions about Gabe's Chiari Malformation, we are waiting for a face to face appointment, we would like to see the pictures of his spine, we were supposed to hear from Boston last Tuesday, and we resigned to the idea that we likely won't hear anything more until his local appointment in February.  But, the initial "it's fine" lets us know that there is not an immediate need for surgery. 

Gabe had a rough November with ear infections, strep throat, and pneumonia.  Which lead to antibiotics... Which lead to yeast infection.... Which lead to more medicine.  Thankfully, he is back to his silly happy self and will likely get the all clear at a follow up appointment later this week.

We are all looking forward to watching him on Christmas morning as he opens presents, play with the paper, and appears to believe the bows are THE gifts.   We are thankful for the gift Gabe is and the new things the "baby" Jesus is doing in our baby's life!


  1. That's so funny bc grays filler/ favorite word is dog too!

  2. Hmm... "Dog"? Maybe neighbors passing by? Surely not anywhere near YOUR house!


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