Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning to Stand

This happens to be Gabe's favorite indoor activity.  Although with the wonderful sunny weather he spends most of his indoor time whining at the door to go out and chase "da ball, da ball, da ball."

Anyway, his chatter in this video makes me smile (so does the standing work he is doing!).

This video was actually taken a couple weeks ago now, but I couldn't resist sharing it.  Notice the couch cushion.  He usually  pulls one down when he wants to practice standing.  I think it is fascinating that the activity is self initiated and shows that he is a bit cautious not wanting to smack all the way to the floor while he is experimenting. Although, he is able to do it without the cushion also.
"Balance is not being rigid, but being able to catch ourselves, support and steady ourselves and move of the things we explore is how to use support from the environment (usually the floor, sometimes a chair or the wall) to facilitate effective movement." Clyff Smith

Oh, you want to see more?

Speaking of experimenting, while I have yet to catch it on video Gabe has been taking 2-3 steps completely independently when transitioning between pieces of furniture around our house.  Talk about exciting days in our home!


  1. These videos are awesome! What a sweet boy!

  2. This makes me so happy! Look at all that variation!

  3. he looks so good. what great videos.

  4. What a great song and dance. You have the moves Gabes!
    Go Gabe GO!!!

  5. Is it weird to say how beautiful he looks standing?! He truly does. And STEPS???!!!!! I can't wait to see him in action -- with more of those adorable chatter please!


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