Friday, March 29, 2013

Patient Interview

How are you feeling tonight Gabe?

Why are you in the hospital?
They're making me itchy
Why are you here mom?

I'm taking care of you Gabe.
Well, I have Jenny (current nurse)

Who else is taking care of you?

How is Grandma taking care of you today?
With slushies, and jelly beans, and my blankie.

What did you do today? 
I got stuck in a bed.

What food do you like at the hospital?
I like mashed potatoes.

Anything else?
um, and Pink Icecream!  I love it.

Is there anything fun to look at here?

What do you watch?
Easter bunny (Hop)

Do you have any friends in your bed with you?
Where'd my baby go?  I want to color with my baby.  I want to watch my baby.  I want to fix my baby.  I want to play my baby. I have Mr. Woof too and Bandit and his house.

What do you want to do tomorrow?
I wanna play with you

When should we go home?
I don't want to go home.  I want to stay here in the hospital.  Because, see.

Hmmm, Gabe!  We will see ...


We appreciate all of your comments and love.
Encouraged by you,
Gabe & his Momma