Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7, 8, 9!

I can't believe that our little guy is days away from being 8 months old!  You would think by now, after 4 kids, I would have figured out how to slow time down a bit.  No luck! 
Anyway, how is your luck?  There is still plenty of time to enter the Great Gabe Escape giveaways.  While we are close to maxing out the capacity at Into the Woods with the RSVPs we have collected so far, there is always room for more tickets in the drawing and you need not be present to win. 

Here are the two (actually 3) more examples of of the getaways you could be entered to win.
 {there are 2 of these to be given}
{this is also the lovely venue for the dinner portion of our event}

Lucky or not, we are crazy blessed... our friends who have organized this event the generous sponsors who have provided the giveaways the many family members and friends who have already made donations in support of Gabe's therapy efforts!

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