Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Difference a Year Makes


Today I pray the sky will be a bit clearer. 

Today I will drive a different route for our familiar afternoon chase.  My small attempt to shake the overwhemling feelings of the last May 25th.  There are reminders in the smell of the air, the buds on the trees, and the songs on the radio. 


While it would be easy to dwell on those fears, that confusion, and oh, the helplessness...

The reality is our forecast is more promising.  There are some new and amazing sites along this path we forge. There are everyday miracles.  There are odds to defy. There is HOPE, no matter what.

There is this beautiful baby boy.


  1. While my saddness and tears shared after your email last May 25 I stand in awe of His doing when I hold Gabe and see his smile. Thanks for sharing your family with us friend.

  2. It is a journey that I could never imagine taking, and yet now that I am on it I can not imagine life without it!

    I LOVE the picture!!! And the post too


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