Tuesday, February 14, 2012


{happy valentine's day}


  1. I got to your site some time ago I think through Jodi Snyder. Went to it again tonight and suddenly wondered why Gabe looked so familiar then I saw your picture and it looked familiar. I thought you looked like Gibson's mom! Did some more searching through your blog for pics and FOUND GIBSON!!!
    My name is Cindy. Gibson came to our Bible Buddies for a couple of weeks. We have missed him but after reading your blog it sounds like you were busy with Gabe. Hopefully we will see you again at some point. We go until Mar.21 but I will only be leading for the next 3 weeks. Love reading about the things you are doing with Gabe!


We appreciate all of your comments and love.
Encouraged by you,
Gabe & his Momma