Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gaby Babe

Our week has gone far better than we ever imagined.  For the last 16 weeks we have anticipated our babe's arrival with excitement, love, and trepidation.  As Gabe's birth week has unfolded we have consistently been blessed by his progress and the news we receive.  All better than we expected, yet I realize - just as we prayed for.
We were told that Gabe would need to be flat on his belly for about 2 weeks while his incision healed properly.  This meant that all feedings would be by bottle, in the incubator, with a cricked neck. We are now able to hold him to eat on his tummy or his side.

Side lie also means that I can see his whole sweet face when his daddy holds him:) Amazing progress! 

We were also interested to hear from the surgeon about where Gabe's defect seemed to be located on his spinal column.  There are no specific indicators of what his leg function will be based on the location, but there is some thought that the lower it is the better.  Based on our ultrasounds they suspected Gabe's lesion to be mid-lumbar.  His neurosurgeon has determined it to be a sacral defect.  Lower than we expected.  Another huge praise!

Gabe is moving his leg and continues to feel sensation in his feet - especially during those 6 hour lab work ups.  He has had plenty of wet and dirty diapers (that they have us changing).  All good things!

Typically, after the surgery to repair the back the fluid levels in a baby's brain will increase because it no longer has a place from the spinal cord to drain.  In the day after surgery Gabe's head measured a bit bigger and the nurses speculated that he would indeed need a shunt placed before he went home.  However, in the two days since then his head has measured the same as it did at birth.  Seriously, more amazing stuff!

At this point our little guy is totally IV free, eating on a schedule, and resting comfortably on his belly between feedings. We are encouraged by all of this.  Right now Kevin and I are transitioning to a nearby hospitality house to stay while Gabe continues his NICU journey.  

Thank you for your continued prayers. 
They ARE working. 
Miracles abound.

"All glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within {Gabe}, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think." Ephesians 3:20


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