Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perhaps Neurosurgeons Are People Too?

After waiting much longer than we expected, Kevin and I were finally able to meet with the pediatric neurosurgeon last week. We came prepared with many questions, yet a bit intimidated to ask someone so smart and skilled.

We had heard plenty of warnings about what to expect when talking to this scientific specialist: worst case scenarios, confusing vocabulary, goofy doctor-isms, and inflated self esteem. We were so pleasantly surprised by how the visit actually progressed.

Our doctor was incredibly honest with us about what to expect. However, he explained so many things to us in language that we were finally able to understand and statistics that we were able to hold on to. He has professional opinions on whether or not to proceed with a shunt surgery right away, as well as whether to use programable or non-programmable shunts {a confusing sentence if you're not a SB insider...sorry}. Yet, he is willing to listen to our concerns about each of these issues and involve us in the decision making process. 

There is peace in knowing what to expect from this specialist in the weeks {and years} to come. At this point it is high on our prayer list that this neurosurgeon will be assigned to us after our baby's birth. At this point it is the plan, however his {the Drs.} family is dealing with a personal medical uncertainty of their own which may change his schedule. For those of you who have willingly joined us in prayer for the days and weeks to come, we ask that you will add this concern to your list. Thanks!


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