Sunday, October 3, 2010

Knocked Down, But Not Out

This week has held its share of ups and downs for our family and our little boy wonder.

Gabe's back showed signs of either an infection or a necrosis at the site of his incision. When the Dr. saw him early in the week he ordered antibiotics to help ward off the infection if that was indeed what was the leaking at the incision was fat that had died and was melting away (by the way I'd love to know how to catch some fat necrosis of my own;).

This week also brought elevated bilirubin levels forcing Gabe to stay in his incubator under phototherapy lights all day. He did okay with this, although having his eyes covered and being on his belly made him more vocal than the nurses were used to him being.

Yesterday was a good day as he was taken off the phototherapy routine and his IV was taken out. We held him on our lap and had good visits with his eyes open.

However during the night his incision opened significantly. It has been determined that the tissue in his back died and therefore the stitches had nothing to hold together anymore. Gabe was taken back into surgery to have his back re-repaired. This is quite a setback as it means his healing is now starting over at day #1.

We knew before this all began that we would have ups and downs and that we would be held through them all, but we are still feeling a bit defeated as each day passes and it becomes more difficult to not have our family of 6 together. Yet, another successful surgery is now behind us and it's time to get back up again...

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