Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Unexpected Frustrations

Our sweet Gabe has had quite a go of it this week.  After his surgery Gabe required some "big gun" antibiotics to fight off possible infection.  The meds have given him some obnoxious tummy trouble and one miserable rash from his incision, down his bum, and to his knees.  Ick! 

~The silver lining: Gabe is aware - can feel - the sting of the rash.

The antibiotics have proven to be necessary as the microbiologists and infectious disease specialist have determined that our babe also has MRSA - which is a hospital infection that is resistant to most treatment.  At this point Gabe is in complete isolation.  This is a really difficult transition. 

~The silver lining: Gabe finally scored his own private room.

What a way to celebrate your two week birthday little mister! 
Gabe Evan {2 weeks}


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