Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome Home Baby Gabe

We may still be on the roller coaster for the extended ride,
but at least the terrifying, upside down, loop de loop part is past us.
Now is the time to raise our hands and shout with glee.
From the message we sent to our extended family last night,

"It's been a busy & EXCITING day - these parents are ready for bed, yet we wanted to be the ones to share our great news.  Gabe was discharged from the hospital today.  For the first time our family is together in our home.  We are so thrilled.
This afternoon we strolled out into the fall sunshine with our babe in tow.  {Those of you who have followed Gabe's story from the start might like to venture a guess at which song greeted us as we started up the car to head home.} 
For tonight we are so very glad to be able to hear our babe when he cries in the wee hours, to feed him without a 10 minute walk through the hospital, and to hold him without plastic gloves! 
Thank you so much for all of your continued encouragement and prayers"


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Gabe & his Momma