Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's What's Inside That Counts

Today Gabe visited his neurosurgeon at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  We were relieved to see and hear that what is going on inside Gabe's head is not as big of a concern as it appears from the outside. 

At this point, although typically explained as hydrocephalus, Gabe has ventriculomegaly (say that 5x fast...ready, go!) Basically, his ventricles are enlarged due to cerebral spinal fluid that is not able to flow freely around his brain (due to an Arnold Chiari II Malformation).  He has not been treated with a shunt, or etv, (yet).  Due to many extra visits to our pediatrician in the last few weeks, the concern about his growing head circumference was heightened.  Although we understand that his head is larger than it should be, have you seen the babe?  His whole body is larger than it should be ;) (not really)! Head measurements alone are not enough to determine whether or not he has developed treatable hydrocephalus.  Thanks to his large (still) soft spot they are able to peek inside using ultrasound.  From the inside it appears that the CSF is not compromising Gabe's brain growth at this time.  Yay!  So, we will wait for two more months and return for more tests. 

{We are pretty happy here about that news}

Thank you to all of our dear friends who have been shouting out extra prayers on Gabe's behalf in the last few weeks.  We are certain they are making a difference - in his health and our peace about it all! 


  1. That is awesome news! He's such a sweetheart, look at that smile!

  2. So thankful to hear this news and so glad you can breathe a sigh of relief. :)

  3. I cannot tell you just how excited I am to hear this news!! I have ben thinking about you guys so much and am so relieved to hear that Gabe is avoiding intervention yet again!!! Go Gabe! I think this news just may call for a celebration gathering of us SB mommies soner than the planned coffee!!

  4. Praise God! Phew is right! Hugs and hope to see you soon, Holly :)

  5. Yay for good news! I am always praying for your little Gabe man - we just LOVE him!

  6. Awesome news! Large heads mean smart kids (gotta hold that extra large brain), trust me... all of my kids were watched for the 1st year for the size of their noggins. :) Each of your children are a blessing and inspiration, Gabe especially. Miss you!

  7. Praise the LORD!! :-) That is such great news.

    And it is posible to have ACF and enlarged ventrs and not need a shunt... case in point, my Nathaniel! He will be 11 in a few months and although he had ACF and slightly enlarged Vents he has never needed a shunt (thank you Lord!) So I will keep praying for Gabe that he will fall in that zone too :)

    Hugs to momma too... I know this is an emotional and hard journey you are on, but you are doing AWESOME!!! You are a brave and strong woman, keep up the wonderful work you are doing as mom to your children!

  8. The Lord is good-Praise God for each daily miracle-I know I do! God is really got great plans for you! Love you all!! Aunt Nancy


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