Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Unlikely Suspect?

Babies seriously love Sophie. This adorable French giraffe is “an ideal first toy…which stimulates all of baby’s 5 senses.”  Since he was old enough to grasp anything, Sophie has been Gabe’s favorite toy. Even this week, as Gabe dealt with some crazy digestive issues and gnawed through his first top tooth, he continued to show preference to his best toy. 

Since we have few answers about why Gabe is having issues this week, everything he has interacted with recently is under investigation.  Perhaps Gabe is demonstrating an allergic reaction, so the mama bear in me set to work examining every thing he puts into his body – food, medicine, and toys.  In fact, I spent time looking up product information for a few of his toys to find out if any of them  might be made with latex. (Note: Children with Spina Bifida are treated with “latex precautions ” because the instances of latex allergies are higher in our kids.)

So what about Sophie?  Well…I knew for sure this toy is famous for being made completely out of the sap of the Hevea tree.  What I didn’t know is the common name for Hevea: the Rubber Latex Tree.  Ahhhhh! Oh, Sweet Sophie, you may or may not have contributed to our issues, but either way you will be missed!


  1. :( So sad. Georgia had a Sophie, and she really is a great toy. Everyone made fun of me for shelling out $20 for a teething toy, but she's worth every penny. I did know she's made of latex rubber, but thankfully we don't have to worry about that with her. Give little Sophie a proper goodbye. :(

  2. Oh no! That is no fun. Bless his heart. I am sure he will miss her.

  3. Awe. He'll be missed. But I bet you already have another little something selected for him to love on.

  4. I did the same thing by mistake when Nat was little with a similar toy... life wiut hSB sure teaches you a LOT :)

    Hope Gabe is feeling better soon!!!

  5. I have always wondered if those Sophie's were your option, not so much? We were at a recent baby shower and the mommy to be got one. Everyone was exclaiming how it's THE toy to have and my mom was hot to go find it. But I told her to wait a bit cause I wasn't sure...


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