Thursday, April 28, 2011


We could really get used to this!  This week has been a wonderful change of pace.  This morning we got a call form Gabe's therapist that she would have to cancel his session for today because she was sick.  Sorry she wasn't feeling well, but I was really excited.  The change in schedule made this the first week since Gabe was born that we didn't have a single appointment we had to make.  Anne Hope's teachers are likely glad that I am not pulling her out of class early to get to Grand Rapids.  Gram is probably glad she isn't chasing to meet us somewhere to save Gibson from a waiting room. The gas budget is glad, as you can only imagine. And Gabe is glad to have extra time to play at home.  To explore on the floor.  To get to know his toys a bit better. To let his learning integrate. Next week we are back at it, but for now we are all enjoying a break from the constant intervention!

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